Did A Pair Of Candy-Crazed Philly Weirdos Just Make The Best ‘80s Dance Album Of 2016?

What has been the net aesthetic takeaway of this weird, weird summer? For a lot of us, at some point, the real-world politics of fear playing out on the news every day melted in with the paranoia of Stranger Things and began to feel a lot like the place we came from: The seedy, sticky side of the mid-to-late 1980s. To you, then, we recommend Girls Chat Room, the debut offering by… Girls Chat Room. 

A collab between video artist and "Satanic Bat Priestess" Carolina (Baby Star) Leis-Usher and producer/DJ James Weissinger (Making Time, Broadzilla DJs), GCR feels like a piece of a club moment long gone by, when early Ministry, S'Express and Revolting Cocks tracks blared from the speakers of Revival. It’s part art-project, part minimal dance music, part homage to a bygone era, and completely its own thing.