This T-Shirt/Phillies Grateful Dead Nite Is The Pinnacle Of Your Summer 2016 DGAF Vibe

This summer’s been a brutal time, man — in fact, all of 2016 has been a not-so-pleasant place where to be plugged in at all has also meant to be confronted with waves of terror, sadness, and anger. And like the Circle Jerks sang back in the day, “We just get by, however we can/we all gotta duck/when the shit hits the fan.”

Meanwhile, also this summer, as part of a personal program of mental escape and enforced spiritual well-being, this writer has found the oddest thing when he ducked down there: For the first time in my life, the music of the Grateful Dead. Go figure! I also found a pair of Nantucket reds and a moustache, because you find all kinds of shit down there. Together, they’ve made me a nice little recipe for a DGAF summer.

I mention this for a few reasons: One, to simply share a message of self-care, however you may find it; two, to say hey on my new pal Jerry Garcia’s birthday (that’s today!); and to share with you both the news and imagery above regarding the Phillies’ Grateful Dead night this Tuesday, August 2. A Dead cover band, Box of Rain, will play and the above t-shirt will be given out to those who buy tickets and get a voucher online.

As you may have noticed, the Phillies are having kind of a DGAF summer of their own. I don’t have much to say about that other than what I’ve just said to everyone else. I guess everybody’s waiting on a miracle.