The Viaduct Rail Park Is Having A Very Big 24 Hours Indeed

We recall, not so very long ago, when the very idea of a High Line-esque park built on the old Reading Viaduct elicited "Yeah, as if"'s from some of you in this very room. (Yes, this blog is a room. You are in it now. Do not worry, there are doors everywhere.) But man, today? Today, it's not quite a foregone conclusion, but it's getting more and more real all the time. And when we say "today," we mean both senses of the word — the general "now" as well as the next 24 hours. 

Because tonight, you see, there's a big fancy benefit for the Rail Park. And tomorrow, don't ya know, the new PHS Pop-Up at the Viaduct Rail Park will open. And in the middle of all of that, the new Viaduct Rail Park website launched, complete with all the info you've ever wanted and a promo video that includes Ed Rendell wearing a sweater vest over a turtleneck. So, you know, a lot going on right now. May we wish the Viaduct Railers well, and hold fast for the day when we get to complain about how crowded the place is. Onward!