Hey Buddy You Look Like You Could Use A Trip To The Friendly Lounge

You know what's nice? It's nice when it's a sunny day out there, and you've already done your Sunny Day Thing and now it's time to let some other people take up some of the street, doing their Sunny Day Things, while you're able to sit inside the pleasingly dark and cool Friendly Lounge, drinking an ice cold Miller High Life at 1983 prices. The door is usually propped open so that you can still see the people outside, doing their Sunny Day Things, you can keep an eye on 'em, still knowing they're out there; The Rapture hasn't hit yet, your mind tells you, so you can still order another Miller when this one's all done. While you're in there, you can also smoke to your heart's content (another 1983 premium offered freely at the Friendly), watch a bit of the ball game, and, if you're lucky (like tonight), see some jazz dudes doing their thing. Maybe in one corner, there's two new lovers who've blown off the work day, and maybe there's another guy down the other end of the bar who never had anywhere to be in the first place. They're all in there in the Friendly Lounge, buddy, and they'd all be happy to see you right about now.