#WawaHoagieDay, By The Numbers

Number of years Wawa has been designating June 30th as "Hoagie Day": 24

Number of people it will take to make this year's hoagie, outside the National Constitution Center: 150

Average pay of Wawa "associate" or cashier: $10.29/hr

Total weight of final hoagie: >6 tons

Portion of Americans who are currently overweight or obese: Two thirds

Number of hoagies to be donated today to Veteran's Alliance: 1,000

Cost to US for every hour of war in Afghanistan: $4M

Number of years Wawa has been title sponsor of Welcome America: 7

Funding gap that led City of Philadelphia to propose soda tax: $629M

Wawa's opposition to said soda tax: 100%

Amount man in Wawa Hoagiefest t-shirt stole from a Mt. Laurel Wawa in the summer of 2014: $380

Number of songs currently on the @WawaBangers Spotify playlist: 160