How One Local Woman Cured Boredom By Drawing A Celebrity Bday Portrait On Instagram Every Damned Day

sneak peek of some pieces that will be hanging @brewerytownbeats this Friday 6-10 come party! #firstfriday

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Full disclosure: I have known Sharon Isabel Curley for many years, and during that entire run, she has always been and remained to be one of the most peaced-out, follow-your-muse type of people I know. So when, sometime in the last year or so, she began doing daily "birthday portraits" of various celebrities and uploading them to Instagram, it really did feel like it was of a piece: This is the type of thing Sharon would do. It was/the portaits are delightful.

But everyone knows how these personal internet dares go: I'm going to review every taco in the city/do a daily cityblog that wants to be The Paris Review for Philadelphia/publish a daily log of weirdos at Planet Fitness. They start out great, but then level off. Not so with the artist in question, who's now amassed enough of these Maira Kalman-esque portraits for a book, and in fact is working towards that goal as we speak. In the meantime, tomorrow night, a show of Sharon's @celebridoozy portraits will open at BreweryTown Beats, where you'll get to see them up close, and not on your phone. Let them be a testament to doing your own damned sweet goofy thing, one day at a time.