Forthcoming Comcast Dreamworks Animation Projects (Partial List)

In light of the word that Comcast has purchased DreamWorks Animation for a jaw-dropping $3.8 billion, Philebrity has exclusively learned what new projects will be hitting theaters soon as a result of the acquisition. We think you'll agree there's something to please everyone here, so without further adieu here is a list of what Comcastic animated flicks are in the pipeline:

Seeking Solutions with Rango

Kung Fu Service Interruption


(Internet Is No Longer) Up

How To Train Your DVR

Cloudy with a Chance of Losing Service

Wallace & Gromit: No, This Neighborhood Does Not Have Verizon

Snow White and the Seven Mysterious Service Charges


A Computer Bug's Life

Wreck It Roberts

Big Hero 6, Customers 0


Monsters Inc.

Despicable Us