Brewerytown Beats Continues To Unearth Ancient Philly Soul Gold

From its perch at 27th and Girard, Brewerytown Beats continues to evolve as both one of the city’s finest record stores (go ahead, try to go there and not walk out with something amazing) as well as diligent soul archivists. For over a year now, the store has been quietly reissuing the buried treasure amidst Philly’s soul/R&B past, the kind of stuff that today has fallen outside of the canon of Gamble & Huff, but is in fact the prequel to the TSOP moment that would one day be heard around the world.

This week, Brewerytown Beats is letting two ancient bangers rip all over again: Winfield Parker’s “Baby, Baby Shake That Thing,” a funky howler originally issued on the Arctic label, and “Listen To Your Mama” by Les Tres Femmes, originally issued on Phil-A Of Soul/Jamie. Parker was (and we believe still is) a soul singer in the classic mold who originally hailed from Maryland, and on this cut, appears as sort of a filthy Wilson Pickett; a lot less is known about Les Tres Femmes, who left a few singles behind but none, arguably, as Hairspray-perfect as this one. Check ‘em out, and scoop them up before they’re gone; we’re told that the Brewerytown Beats singles reissues as a series have been disappearing almost as soon as they’re released.