Philebrity is published several times daily during the work week, and sporadically, drunkenly on the weekends. It is a weblog that acts as a media filter and gossip/tipsheet for discerning livers of life in the Philadelphia area, but it is certainly also of interest to others.

It is our aim here to offer our readers an easy guide to navigating this city’s often murky waters. Politicians are corrupt, but funny; artists need love, but not too much; the city’s media are a curious mix of bag ladies and spoon men. Shit is weird. Philebrity wants to help you.

Like a waitress in the sky, Philebrity relies on your tips. We do not care if you want your name attached to whatever smack you are talking or not. We are not picky. We are your friends. That is why we are Philebrity. To advertise to a growing legion of irate early adopters, click here.