Local Man Pens Novel In Yelp Reviews

Gregg Gethard, of early Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego? and sporadic Philly standup fame, has been at work on a “serious” project — a literary novel. In Yelp Reviews.

The novel is an episodic chronicle of the daily life of Karl G., an actuary who works in risk management and, when he’s free, patronizes name businesses big and small. By way of his experiences with At&T, LA Fitness, and East River Bank, we learn of Karl’s breakup with his Cynthia, his wife of 14 years, and his burgeoning relationship with Tonya M. There are stabs at humor and stabs at sadness, but as far as Yelp reviews go, these are not so long on hilarity or humanity.

In a review of cat doctor Caring for Cats, Karl details his experience of adopting a cat from Anna in Accounts Payable, a cat he names “Dog,” for his sons Bradley and Bryan -– or “B’n’B” -– who have always wanted a dog. Get it? The review, like all of Karl’s, is positive. 5 stars for Caring for Cats. One concern, though: Everyone knows that Yelp is indeed a fine platform for comedy — indeed, in most Yelp reviews, the comedy is already built in. So the challenge becomes being funnier than Yelp already is.

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  1. Apple Says:

    They sure start ’em with the zionist propaganda early…

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