Pull Quote: Bart Blatstein Going Full Trump Bluster On Broad & Washington

So Bart Blatstein unfolded a napkin drawing of what he wants to do on the corner of Broad & Washington for a Philly Business Journal reporter, and he’s all like:

“I want to take everything I’ve done in Northern Liberties that is spread over several blocks and put it in one place. It’s a self-contained community where you will never want to leave. Every amenity known to mankind is here. For those of us with [attention deficit disorder], this will be the perfect place.”

It will be beautiful. It will be clazzy. YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. But will it have this?

Not be deterred, PHL Local Gaming, who as it happens is currently in competition with Blatstein for a casino license, replied with: Hey South Philly, maybe you’d like a Space Needle?

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  1. Lance_Ducotte Says:

    I hereby nominate Blatstein and PHL Local Gaming for excommunication. Remember this come philebrity awards time.

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