Paying For Your All-Night SEPTA Ride Is Going To Be Totally SEPTAriffic

Just so that everyone is up to speed: You will recall the time when the nice young man who photographs telephone poles proposed that SEPTA run its trains all night. (A proposition not really popular with either us or zen poets, but whatever: We have no dog in this fight.) You will further recall that the SEPTA said, oh, that’s funny, we were just talking about that, sure, we’ll do it! And ‘lo, there was a kind of joy in the land. Because sometimes joy is just, like, low-level joy, a kind of joy that might not really be joy at all but might be a collective feeling of, “Sure, whatever, do you.” But in this life, we know that SEPTA, much like nothing, is that easy. And so we come to the part where we have to figure out how you will pay for your 3AM SEPTA ride. Not, like, how you will earn the $2.25 each way or the larger question of what you will do for a living and what it all means (though, yes, you should be thinking about that), but rather, who you will give the money to and where will they be. They might be in the little box office! They might be driving the train! They might ask you for it! They might not! See, you were happier when you were sleeping at 3AM instead of riding the Market-Frankford line, weren’t you? This is what we were trying to tell you the whole time.

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  1. chris dougherty Says:

    Here’s a preview:

  2. Sam Says:

    While we’re talking about this, I’d like to propose a sort of complimentary idea. I’d like to see the PATCO line into the City shut down between the hours of Friday at 5PM and Sunday at Midnight. Is anyone at PATCO thinking about this perchance?

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