Readers Write: Landmark Worldwide Is Not At All A Cult, Nope Nope Nope

landmark bike
Yes, this is a very natural looking bike guy.

Landmark Worldwide, which is NOT A CULT, is here in Philly. You may have seen some people posting on Facebook about their personal betterment brand of seminars — look, you too can be like this guy who is squinting at a guitar for some reason — but one reader warned us that this thing is totally cult-ish. We won’t run what they said because you can probably find plenty of it on the internet — and you know what, maybe you’re a cult, did you ever think of that? — but we will say that what Landmark definitely is (not a cult) is a safe haven on the internet for all kinds of hilarious and awkward stock photos. Go ahead and poke around here, but be careful, Landmark is definitely not a cult, but it sure is dopey.

3 Responses to “Readers Write: Landmark Worldwide Is Not At All A Cult, Nope Nope Nope”

  1. Jayfar Says:

    Successor to est. That’s all you need to know. Yes, cult.

  2. stalkinghorse Says:

    Here in Philly? Given that Landmark’s been in Philadelphia for over 20 years, this has to be the slowest news flash of all time.

    Here’s a snark-free look at what Landmark is and isn’t:

  3. Brian Keating Says:

    For those who are intellectually honest and curious, there is plenty of scholarly research on just what Landmark is and what it offers, including a case study by the Harvard Business Review.

    Of course, if you prefer to get your academic insights from a Philly gossip blog, more power to you!

    I have participated with Landmark and it has been awesome. I’ve had a number of amazing insights and grown tremendously in several areas of my life, including my relationships, my career and my business, and even my spirituality and my relationship with religion. The course is not explicitly about any of these things, necessarily, but whatever you bring to it, you get out of it.

    As this website is quick to point out, you are likely to meet some people at Landmark you may not like or relate to, people you consider strange or different because they are not like you, just like you would in any large organization or large scale interest. My advice, if you’re really curious about Landmark and what it might provide for you, is to go check it out, or talk to someone you trust who’s done it, about why they did it and what they got from it. That way, you can compare their reasons against your own goals and make a choice that’s right for you.

    And, while you’re welcome to do your research or keep browsing the gossip columns, I suggest you don’t get too bogged down by other people and their point of view, or even your own point of view. I knew virtually nothing about Landmark when I went to do the weekend, but that didn’t stop me from making big waves in my life and really moving myself forward in several areas. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve participated, but the impact is still profoundly felt in my life. It’s awesome stuff!

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