Chaput And Nutter Look At Corbett, Corbett Says “What? I Didn’t Do Anything” As Pope Meeting Is Cancelled


As it turns out, hours upon hours on an airplane, fancy football jerseys, and glorified begging are not enough to get you a meeting with the cool Pope, as Pope Fancis numero uno will not meet privately with Charles Chaput, Michael Nutter, and Tom Corbett after all. Instead, “the mayor, governor, and other public and corporate leaders and their spouses would be presented to the pope during Wednesday’s regularly scheduled public audience in St. Peter’s Square. There … each would be able to present gifts to Francis if they have them, and speak ‘a few words’ with him.” What follows are a few key phrases the delegation should feel free to use to entice the cool Pope to come to Philadelphia:

>>> Have you seen the 30 reasons why you should move here?
>>> Our sports teams are terrible, is there anything you can do about that?
>>> Can we maybe get you a new hat from Mitchell and Ness?
>>> Axl Rose did this to us once.
>>> How do you think The Roots are doing on the Tonight Show?
>>> Have you seen Mannequin? Sorry, we were very unprepared.

Those should all do just fine.

  • AreaMan

    “Hey Pope, here’s some worthless crap!”