Temple’s First Webseries (And First LGBT Series) Nominated For College TV Emmy, Also College TV Emmys Exist

GuysPromoPhoto2Did you know there was such thing as a College TV Emmy? Well, technically it’s the Emmy® Foundation’s College Television Awards, and it’s been around for 35 years, but we’re just now finding out about its existence. And why? Because some Temple kids are practicing their best “It’s an honor just to be nominated” line before flying out to LA for the ceremony.

One of the Guys, “Temple University’s first full-length web series,” has been nominated in the “Series” category of the 2014 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation’s National College Television Awards. Student producers Michael Busza, Jen Parmer, and Jaime Sweet will be attending the awards, and hopefully beginning their quest for the (S)EGOT. One of the Guys is written, produced, and edited totally by Temple students, and has “been celebrated as both Temple University’s first web-based television show and its first LGBT series.” The show “follows the escapades of three gay friends and their straight roommate as all four seek love, purpose, and a happy home,” and you can catch the first four episodes over here.

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