Erin Express Round One Was Saturday, Prepare Yourself For Round Two

pub and kitchen
We’re betting the reader who sent this in from Pub and Kitchen probably have a lovely time

This past weekend, if you somehow didn’t notice, was week one of the yearly Erin Express; when Delco, Bucks Co, Montco, and Manayunk residents come and get drunk in the street outside of your apartment. Some of you probably learned that the hard way when the first spring-like day since September brought you outdoors only to discover there was no place for you. While most of you likely encountered it around Center City, the Northeast had their own version, but that seems fairly self-contained. As fate would have it, next Saturday — aka Erin Express round 2 — is also going to be absolutely beautiful outside, so you’ve got two options: 1. Find out whose friendly like Pub and Kitchen above, or 2. Go out among them and do not allow them to ruin your good time. Option one is probably the best bet.

We’ve been scouring Twitter for images of Saturday’s festivities, but — and we’re almost afraid to say this — every picture we have come across is some boring selfie. Maybe the bros and ladybros are getting better about not photographing themselves pissing in streets and fighting and puking, because they realize that shit is stupid/they still need jobs. Some places aren’t that smart though.

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