Sorry Philly, You May Not Get That Rob Zombie Broad Street Bullies Movie

It was about a year and a half ago when filmmaker/musician Rob Zombie made it known that he was interested in directing a biopic of the mid-’70s Flyers aka the Broad Street Bullies. And ‘lo, we rejoiced: The Slap Shot-esque story of the BSBs is, for better or worse (better, right?), burned into the Philly DNA, and Zombie — whose vision was stated as “Boogie Nights meets Rocky” — strangely seemed like just the man to do it. (At right, he’s featured talking about the project about a year ago.)

But alas, the project seems to have run out of steam. After reportedly doing quite a bit of work on the feature, only to hit snag after snag, Zombie’s interest has been drawn back to horror. Which is a real loss for everyone who, like us, really wanted to see Bro’dley Cooper sporting a Bobby Clarke smile. Zombie says he hasn’t permanently shelved the Flyers project as he gets ready for his next horror feature, but don’t hold your breath.

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