New York Times Declares Fishtown Urban, Gritty

The Old Grey Lady asks some girls about their clothes, declares Fishtown urban, and gritty. It comes off as neither, and rather seems like a death rattle of cool. Either way, we apologize for presenting this to you on a day when you’re probably trapped indoors.

4 Responses to “New York Times Declares Fishtown Urban, Gritty”

  1. TLF29 Says:

    Sounds like the Philadelphians in the video are calling it urban and gritty.

  2. Chuck Moore Says:

    This video is made for the small group of folks who live in Tampa or Des Moines or Mobile and read the NY Times Style section and DREAM of living in a place like Fishtown

  3. helvispresley Says:

    no one “dreams” of living in fishtown.

  4. Lance_Ducotte Says:

    I sort of do, in that it’s a step up from where I live now in the northeast. I know… the bar ain’t set too high

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