You Can Now Use Your Internet Drug Money To Buy Beer At PBC

philadelphia-brewing-company-pbc-logoBitcoin, the “crypto-currency” that has probably received the most mainstream attention so far for its connection to Silk Road, is the currency of the future. Or probably not. It’s like the Dippin’ Dots of money, you can keep saying that’s what the future is gonna be, but that doesn’t make it true. But hey, Bitcoin is at least gaining ground locally, albeit in a small way.

According to a press release, “Philadelphia Brewing Company will be the first brewery in the United States to accept … Bitcoin as payment for both retail and wholesale purchases effective immediately. Retail customers will be able to purchase the popular brewery’s full assortment of beers and ciders, as well as company T-shirts, bottle openers, and other merchandise at their retail outlet on Frankford Avenue, in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.” According to PBC, the move to accepting Bitcoin was made because it is a “it is a simple, efficient way to accept electronic payment,” without the 2-3% fees that can come with credit cards.

If you’re all up in this shit, you probably know how it all works by now, but if you don’t, the group BitcoinPHL is meeting up for a brewery tour and beer tasting at PBC on Feb. 1st to enjoy some beer and spread the word about Bitcoin.

  • Milly Bitcoin

    Atlantic City Bitcoin gives free support if you want to learn about Bitcoin and there is a meetup group down the shore as well.

  • John Transue

    I was browsing reddit, drinking a Pennsylvania Pale Ale and saw this link, my other tab was open trading bitcoin and litecoin; feeling in tune with the future. Awesome news PBC!

  • CherryHillJeep

    Philadelphia Brewing Company’s cover article in Grid Magazine was a good read. They’re environmentally conscience and great at marketing their products. Kudos to them for stepping up. Favorite PBC beer: Kenzinger and Walt Wit.

  • Rez™

    That same phone you used to watch Brazilian transsexuals at work can be used to read Philebrity.

  • roma258

    Are bitcoin fanboys a thing?

  • Rob

    It’s shocking that a supposedly reputable news source like Philebrity would use the same internet as those Brazilian transsexuals. They should be ashamed!

  • Rob

    Hang on, does the author of this story use cash? Cash is used to buy drugs! THE AUTHOR OF THIS STORY IS A DRUG DEALER!!!