Tom Corbett’s Approval Rating Is High Among Canadian Stock Photo Farmers

Screengrab via PoliticaPA

You see all of those smiling faces in the image above? One of them is Tom Corbett, standing kinda near some trees (such outdoors). All of those others? They’re some of Pennsylvania’s Farm Families who support Tom Corbett CANADIAN. According to PoliticsPA, the images meant to represent PA’s farming population (and which appear on Corbett’s campaign website) are actually stock photos of some of our neighbors in the Great White North. Corbett campaign spokesman Billy Pitman said, “We on occasion use stock photos as do many organizations and campaigns. Any efforts to distract people from the positive changes Governor Corbett has made doesn’t change the fact that Pennsylvania’s farming families recognize and support the commitment Governor Corbett has made to strengthening the agricultural industry in our state.”

This, of course, is not really a big deal. Or, at least it wouldn’t be if Corbett’s people didn’t call someone out for doing the same exact thing in 2012. But it’s probably time we all just admit to ourselves one simple fact: Canadian stock photo models are just happier, probably because they don’t know who Tom Corbett is.

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  1. Lance_Ducotte Says:

    and they have marriage equality and universal healthcare

  2. ken Says:

    Corbett sold the power from our many Mountain High Wind Mill Farms that would have given us all including our businesses some relief in our electric bills. Where’s the picture of the other state he sold this power to? Corbett tried to sell the Pa. Turnpike Tolls that benefits our senior citizens. Where are the pictures of the ones he wanted to give needed benefits to? Corbett also tried to sell the PA Lottery to France. Where are the pictures of the would have been happy Frenchmen? People – he’s selling Pennsylvania right out from under our feet! But republicans don’t even know he and his party are the ones taking, and will continue to try and take, all they can from them.

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