And Now, The Definitive KimYe At 15th Street Wendy’s Post

This post can and should be filed in our Someone Famous Went Somewhere Once category, and not least because together, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West constitute enough metaphysical matter to (barely) be considered one human soul. But for us, there is a more pressing matter at hand and that is, with the above photo as evidence, final confirmation of the 15th Street Wendy’s as a sort of vortex of everything that is fucked, and maybe a little bit beautiful, about Philly street-level youth culture. (Together with the societal melange that is the 11th Street Wendy’s, these two are basically the Voltron of places we can’t understand.)

Allow us to explain: First, there was the great DeBarge Riot of 1985. A wild energy has persisted in this locus ever since; witness the so-called “flash mob” that occurred there, out of nowhere and for no damn good reason, last April. This is to say nothing of the fact that this particular Wendy’s was also, for a time, the Occupy Philadelphia bathroom. And now, this. What sort of cosmic youth-culture vortex sits beneath the land at 15th & Chestnut? What drew Yeezus there? And what is it all a portent of? We cannot say. What we do know is that within hours of the above photo being taken, the world was fascinated. The Wendy’s appearance is arguably more interesting than the show Kanye was here for in the first place. And somehow, this space junk was also responsible for interrupting bitch-ass Victor Fiorillo’s weekend so that he’d have to stop whatever he was doing and call Wendy’s to fact-check, twice, in a hilarious foreshadowing of what we believe Victor’s next workplace will be. What does any of this tell us?

Damned if we know, but 15th and Chestnut, you win. You win again.

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