Ori Feibush Straight Up Lied To Us, Will Be Running For City Council After All, Absolutely Does Not Have Our Vote Or Anything Like It

Some of you may recall this item, back in April, when, following up on a tip, we rang up developer Ori Feibush and asked him point blank if he was going to be running for City Council:

[…]despite multiple sources telling us that Philly real estate developer Ori Feibush will run for City Council in 2015, he tells us, most assuredly, that he will not. Though he concedes that his business interests have often thrown him into the hyperlocal political world of City Council often lately, he tells us “I am not in any way exploring a run, and I’m not being cute here.” GREAT GAZOO OF 2015, is this man lying?

Well, the gazoos are in, and guess what: Feibush is running. Just like everyone in town thought/knew he would. And just like we knew that we were being lied to when he was saying this to us. Now, we don’t feel particularly burned or anything — honestly, it’s our belief that Ori is about to finally interface with the true nature of his likability, and that’s probably a good thing for all concerned — but we did want it to be put down here for posterity. Because the thing is, when people lie to you, sometimes you just have to let them do it.

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