Rumblings: Don’t Look Now, But Cool Things Are Happening In New Jersey

>> Ya know, we don’t do things like this often, but there are for real at least three cool things happening in New Jersey in the near future, and we think that’s worth talking about. Firstly, over at Rutgers, Professor Azzan Yadin-Israel (of the Jewish Studies department) is offering a seminar on Bruce Springsteen’s Theology. The course description reads, in part, “This seminar offers a theologically oriented approach to Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics. We will focus on Springsteen’s reinterpretation of biblical motifs, the possibility of redemption by earthly means (women, cars, music), and his interweaving of secular and sacred elements.” We would like to do that please. [Rutgers]

>>> This Friday in Bordentown, NJ (right across the river from Levittown), the Record Collector presents the 1st Annual Record Collector Cigar Box Guitar Festival. The festival will celebrate “an instrument that time forgot,” the Cigar Box Guitar, which is, according to a press release, a “primitive American instrument first appeared in the mid 1800’s. Using an empty cigar box as a resonator and combining the vision of the maker, these unique creations are both instrument and folk art.” In addition to Cigar Box players performing, there will be vendors selling all sorts of wacky, homemade guitars. It’s gonna be cool, stop looking at us like that. [Cigar Box Nation]

>>> And following that up on Saturday, right over there in Collingswood, NJ, there is an event going on entitled Beef, Beer, Bikes and Bowie! Candy Volcano and Creem Circus! Live! That’s probably all the info you need, but let’s continue: It turns out, as we were informed, that some old-punks haven’t quite hung up those tight pants, and there’s a budding glam scene going on over there. And the event? On top of free beer and food, it’s a fundraiser to help raise money for the Collingswood Bike Share, and there will be about 24 musicians in total (including Pete Donnelly and Chris DiPinto), coming together and trading-off spots to play Ziggy Stardust from start to finish. Creem Circus opens it all up at the Scottish Rite Auditorium. And if you’re gonna be in New Jersey for something, it might as well be something this cool. [Facebook]

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