NBA Ref Joey Crawford, The Closest Thing The League Has To A Villain, Nearly Ejected A Mop Boy At Home On Friday Night

Philadelphia’s (well, really Delco’s) own Joey Crawford, who is widely regarded as one of the worst referees in the NBA, came this close to ejecting one of those dudes who just mops the floor last Friday at the Wells Fargo Center. Bleacher Report puts it this way, explaining what happened after Crawford blew his whistle at the mop man and called him over:

A young man with a mop obliged the shrieking command, but his mop work was a little too quick, judging by the refereeā€™s reaction.

Crawford walked after the ball boy, blowing his whistle and beckoning for him to get back in there and give it some honest elbow grease. Confused, and likely terrified, the young man continued to retreat toward his spot on the baseline.”

To be fair, the mopper did seem to look at Lavoy Allen and give him a “This guy, amirite?” look, but he’s just a mop guy. Full disclosure: Both Joey Crawford and Tim Donaghy — the ref who resigned among charges that he bet on games and made calls to affect the point spreads of said games — went to the same high school as First Mate Jim, and that is a fact he is very proud of.

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