Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: The Reasons You Already Live Here

logo.png.pagespeed.ce.RmruSrDbqQYa know, when it comes to meaningless lists here, they’ve certainly come more meaningless: Bloomberg — via Zillow — has run a list of Ten Good Reasons to Move to Philadelphia. There are a few actually solid reasons here, including relatively cheap homes, relatively cheap rent, the fact that you can go car-less, and a growing food scene. However, the list wholeheartedly earns the “meaningless” tag and then some with two list items: “You can channel your inner boxer” and “You can’t go wrong with a classic cheesesteak.”

We know we really shouldn’t be surprised, but in 2013, on a relatively solid list, do we really, really still have to include cheesesteaks and Rocky? No one in the world has ever thought to themselves “You know, I wasn’t going to move to Philadelphia, but Rocky was a movie that existed so count me in.” And really, if someone did, we would very kindly suggest that maybe they don’t move here.

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  1. centercitybeesh Says:

    Also, Hall & Oats!!

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