And Now, Here Are A Breaking Bad Writer And Patton Oswalt’s #JoyceEvansTweets

We were fairly certain the now infamous Joyce Evans Breaking Bad tweet was gonna go national — in fact, it didn’t take very long at all for Fox News, Gawker, and more to pick it up — but this is still a little surprising and a lot wonderful: Patton Oswalt, who we’re sure is very busy, came on to the #JoyceEvansTweets train a day late, and from there it got noticed by Thomas Schnauz, a writer/co-executive producer/director who worked on Breaking Bad. Schnauz — who wrote Breaking Bad episodes “Buried,” Say My Name,” “Shotgun,” and a couple more — tweeted in reply to Oswalt above, but those weren’t Patton’s only thoughts on the matter. He also tweeted a few older Joyce Evans Tweets (not #JoyceEvansTweets) that had typos or weird phrasing or can just be qualified as confusing tweet-decisions. None of them really hit the offical #JoyceEvansTweets level. For his part, Oswalt also attempted the meme:

Patton Oswalt is paid to be a funny person (and at times he is very, very funny), but as we laid out in our post-#JET post, you guys out there in Philadelphia tweet-land did all the real, hilarious, heavy-lifting on this one. And for that, we thank you.

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  1. Mike Says:

    You should consider looking at Jim Norton’s feed about this. It was Jim’s tweets that promoted Patton to take notice.

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