If You Liked Breaking Bad, Joyce Evans Would Like To Interest You In Some Murder

Oh. Oh no no no no no no no no no.

If you weren’t sitting on twitter or watching Fox 29 news, you may not know that last night Joyce Evans tweeted that … that … we can’t even think of one word to wrap it all up, but that thing above is what she tweeted.

Evans was alluding to this story, of a drive-by shooting that left one dead, one in critical condition, and four others hospitalized. But hey, it’s just like that show that it’s nothing like, right? Within minutes, Gawker picked it up and #JoyceEvansTweets became a thing (and a trending topic). Here’s one of our favorites:

Look, Evans meant nothing ill with this tweet, we think that’s fairly obvious. But her attempt at … well … whatever she was attempting missed whatever mark she was aiming at so colossally and so blindly that we’d almost rather it was done with some kind of malice at heart. At least then, we could kinda make sense of the whole thing. But this? We have no earthly idea. It’s really the kind of thing that can only happen at Fox 29, but you, Joyce? We thought you were better than this. Keeley? Frederick? Hell, even Jerrick? Yeah, we can see that. But you, Joyce? Is this the kind of shit that goes down once Drayton’s not around anymore?

For now, it seems that it may just be a matter of time before Fox 29, really striving for the title of The Worst News, says to Joyce, “Fuck it, you gettin’ outta this joint.”

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  1. YoPhilly1 Says:

    What a moron. Not the first f’ up. That Miami clip, also during Hurricane Irene she was broadcasting in Camden – yapping about her favorite bench. Morning crew found it comical, joked she needed a shrink. Her reply was “What the f- this is a great bench to sit and look at the scenery…” (paraphrasing) But the quick “WTF” was clearly heard. She’s been at it too long, got on my nerves at CBS3 and now on Fox 29.

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