And Now, Here’s The Only Way To Make Your Online Dating Profile Actually Interesting

datingWe just let this website do its thing and it just described everyone under 40 who has moved to Philadelphia in the last decade:

My dogs tattoos passionate about I don’t really like talking about myself. The simple things in life open-minded amazing women I’ve met Werner Herzog fitness, I hate lists going back to school Netflix I love the smell of beach days. Pickles Murakami I hate lists I’m pretty laid-back bored at home tattoos.

Exploring the city chilling at a bar with friends if you like my profile Doctor Who. Going to shows bikes introvert ask me anything thinking about trying yoga, I don’t take myself too seriously Vampire Weekend too many to list I hate lists Neutral Milk Hotel. Snowboarding extrovert I know I listed more than 6 things fascinates me Family Guy Indian food.”

No wonder they are all so powerfully, pitifully lonely. Also, there are about five great band names hidden in there if you want to find them.

2 Responses to “And Now, Here’s The Only Way To Make Your Online Dating Profile Actually Interesting”

  1. Julie_the_T Says:

    YES. Amazing. Also, a stab at the band names: 1) Werner Herzog Fitness; 2) Pickles Murakami; 3) Bikes Introvert; 4) Snowboarding Extrovert; 5) Family Guy Indian Food. Alternative/ 6): I Hate Lists.

  2. trishylicious Says:

    Pickles Murakami would also be a great name for your cat or dog or zine or baby.

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