Hey City Paper, WHAT THE FUCK?

Screen-grab run just in case it’s taken down, and because we still can’t believe what we’re looking at.

We know most of you don’t care about the inside-baseball-for-people-who-haven’t-played-sports-in-years media on media stuff we run here from time to time. It’s because of this that we were totally gonna wait until something else (more damning or more interesting) came out about Tara Murtha’s lawsuit against Philadelphia Weekly for a sexually discriminatory work environment to say anything about it. Murtha’s suit alleges that her pay was $2,000 less than the paper’s only other full-time staff writer (who is male), in addition to accusations of porn in a co-workers cubicle, the failure to reimburse her for out of pocket costs when they did so for a male writer, and more. In addition, Murtha’s complaint refers to her as “one of the most important and respected investigative journalists in the United States,” which we won’t really argue with but … come on. (Full disclosure, and a lot of it: Miss Murtha and this site’s publisher are longtime friends; Murtha has also been voted a Philebrity Award winner multiple times; and finally, Murtha and Philebrity share legal counsel, although we could wring Conor Corcoran’s neck for including that “greatest journo alive” crap because what media outlet in the world is NOT going to make fun of that?)

In light of all of this, and some weak, Phillies/Nationals bullshit pseudo-rivalry (or straight victim-blaming dickery), City Paper‘s Ryan Briggs wrote that thing above, which can also be seen here. Whether it’s a failed attempt at satire that fell totally flat, a weirdly aggressive prodding of Murtha, or just overall stupidity, we’re not sure. But we do know one thing: This is really fucking dumb. For one, there’s no reason for the writing screen-capped above to actually exist, and secondly, if CP and PW really are “rivals” of sorts, shouldn’t the CP people be on Murtha’s side, since she’s suing their rival paper and potentially costing them a whole bunch of money? This whole thing is incredible in the “we don’t know why any of this is going on” way, and just like an actual Phillies/Nationals matchup, no good comes of this. (Also of note: CP’s editorial staff is almost overwhelmingly female, so … WHAT?)

Or, for a much shorter version of what we’re saying, we hand it over to Will Bunch:

UPDATE: About 12 hours after this post initially ran — along with outcry from many others across a variety of social media — City Paper has removed the content of its original post, and ran an apology from both writer and editor.

8 Responses to “Hey City Paper, WHAT THE FUCK?”

  1. thegreengrass Says:

    I can’t believe in 2013 this shit happens. Fucking disgraceful shits.

  2. the large bubowski Says:

    oh, those are the papers homeless people use as pillows.

  3. RSR Says:

    An environmental reporter I really like and respect tweeted something similarly stupid a couple nights ago in regards to the Weiner intern (and related slutbag fallout), realized the error of his ways, and dedicated a column to apologizing for his “White Liberal Dude Privilege Syndrome”


  4. jubeee Says:

    A few of us have been sending your post around facebook. Its wonderfully articulate and you really handled yourself with more class than some of the white dude who write for the alt weeklies. I think they got a similar check today.

  5. RSR Says:

    I didn’t write the “White Liberal Dude Privilege Syndrome: An apology” post. I’ve said and done dumb things, but I doubt my apologies have been as articulate and classy.

  6. muffin_artist Says:

    Oh, look. City Paper is pretending it never happened. Good thing you got the screen shot.

  7. muffin_artist Says:

    Just saw the apology. Never mind.

  8. PeteQuince Says:

    It didn’t fall totally flat. I found it funny.

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