Charges Dropped Against N.A. Poe, Adam Kokesh Loads Shotguns While We Sleep

It’s been a long road for N.A. Poe, the comedian and marijuana activist that was arrested back in May, along with Adam Kokesh, at the semi-regular Smoke Down Prohibition Event (footage from the last one is here). We received a press release this morning saying that Poe “will appear in federal court this Thursday to be tried for committing civil disobedience and resisting arrest,” but Poe just updated the whole situation on Facebook, saying:

After seemingly endless back and forth, the federal government has dropped both felony and misdemeanor charges and will be issuing me three citations after a court appearance later this week. I’m not necessarily off the hook or even satisfied with the outcome, but given the circumstances, I’ll take it. It’s fuckin’ insane that we now live in a country where the government will target, assault and imprison people to suppress our right to free speech and assembly. I’m embarrassed to call myself an American citizen. I guess I should be grateful they didn’t blow up my car or strike my apartment with a drone.”

Poe went on to say that the announcement for the next Smoke Down Prohibition event will be made shortly, and you’ll find out about that over here. Meanwhile,his partner-in-arrest Adam Kokesh loaded a gun in Washington, D.C. in the wee hours of the morning and put it online. As it turns out, the revolution will, in fact, be YouTubed.

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  1. jeff4justice Says:

    Adam Kokesh In-Depth Interview By Jeff 4 Justice

  2. John L. Lee Says:

    As usual the dumbfuck cops arrested someone on a VIDEO! They have NO idea if the shotgun was real or not. I’m 70, a veteran, and I am beginning to think it’s just about time to ‘unload’ the shotguns where it will do the most good!

  3. Reverb Says:


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