And Now, For Something Completely Different: We Now Have A Bikini Basketball Team, Which Is A Thing That Exists

diamondYou know, sometimes baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis, kronum, arena football, lingerie football, and ultimate frisbee aren’t enough. Sometimes, we just need something a little more. And since the WNBA hasn’t stepped in and set up a team in Philly (note, 87ers is already taken), why not get ourselves a BBA franchise? What’s the BBA you ask? It’s the Bikini Basketball Association, of course.

Welcome the Philadelphia Diamonds, one of the latest teams in a league that could really use a good graphic design intern. They join the Miami Spice, Illinois Heart, Houston Inferno, and Las Vegas Fantasy (whose logo may have been designed by Lisa Frank). Just like the Lingerie Football League, where the competitors don’t actually wear lingerie, the BBA players sport spandex shorts and sports bras. Unlike the LFL however, most of the BBA players have some serious hoops experience. According to the Metro, the team features players who played at Maryland Eastern-Shore, Cheyney, the AAU’s Philadelphia Belles, and more. In fact, they might end up being better than the Sixers, which would take fielding four or five players of real skill and … that’s probably it. The Diamonds will play their first game on June 29th at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory on Roosevelt Boulevard in the Northeast, because sure. For tickets are more info, keep your eyes peeled over here.

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