From The People Who Brought You No Mascot Comes The Delaware 87ers

87ersWe predicted the obvious last week when we heard about the 76ers holding a press conference down in Delaware with the President of the NBA D-League, but we’ll let the team tell you:

The Philadelphia 76ers announced that the Sixers have completed the purchase of the operating rights for a team to compete in the 17-team National Basketball Association Development League. The NBA D-League is the NBA’s only minor league. The acquired operating rights were previously held by the dormant Utah Flash, a team that ceased play two seasons ago. The Philadelphia 76ers new NBA D-League franchise will relocate to Delaware and commence play this coming autumn, for the 2013-14 NBA D-League season, which runs from November through April. The team will be known as the Delaware 87ers, and will be nicknamed the ‘Sevens.’ It will play its games on the campus of the University of Delaware at its Bob Carpenter Sports/Convocation Center in Newark, DE.

The team name ’87ers’ was selected in recognition of Delaware’s place in United States history, as it was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution on December 7, 1787. The 87ers name also is immediately evocative of the parent ’76ers.'”

Now before you ask things like: “Did anyone say that name out loud before they picked it?,” and “If they’re the eighty-seveners, why are they called the Sevens and not the Seveners,?” think about this … actually, you know what, we have no answers. Let’s just hope the D-League doesn’t expand or we’ll have to find some area for a team that did something important in 1798.

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