Documentarians In Kensington Catch Fatal Shooting

Before we even get into this, allow us to throw out this blanket warning: The following video we are linking to features extremely graphic content. Sarah Fry and her co-documentarian Brad were filming their ongoing This is Kensington series (previous entry here) when, well, this happened:

Down the street only two houses away a tan car with the passenger side door open drives closer. I can’t tell from my angle if they are shooting but its all happening at the stoop we had just passed with the kids we just talked to. It comes closer. The driver hits the van that I am crouching next to for cover, right in front of me, not two feet away. His head smashes into the window and there is smoke everywhere. Music is still playing loudly from the car. It probably only took a few seconds to register what happened but it felt like an eternity. The four-year old girl with the birthday hat is screaming, panicked, crying for her father. Brad and I look at what’s happening. With my left hand I dial 911, with my right hand I begin taking photographs. The passenger runs to the street and falls to the ground. The driver doesn’t move. The driver’s sister comes up to the car and sees what happened, ‘Oh my God.'”

The shooter was grabbed quickly after the shooting took place. The driver was pronounced dead at the hospital and the passenger was treated for a shoulder wound. You can see the footage and still pictures from the This is Kensington crew here, and once again let us warn you it is very graphic. Unfortunately, it becomes very easy in this city — when you hear and read about homicides almost daily — to forget what that actually means, and how huge of a problem it actually is. Seeing it on video, well, it makes it much harder.

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    Sarah is an awesome girl.

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    Sarah is the most awesome girl.

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