ViaductGreene Is Now “Friends Of The Rail Park,” Still Rendering Like It’s Their Job


ViaductGreene, the people most focused on making the whole Reading Viaduct park thing a reality, have changed their name to Friends of the Rail Park, just in time for the release of a new plan to “transform the underground section of City Branch railroad west of the Reading Viaduct into a submerged park.” Now, we’re all for the above-ground section of the Viaduct being turned into a park, and we’ve said such on occasions numbering in the dozens, but some people have different ideas about the City Branch. Some want a park (for example, the Friends of the Rail Park), and some want some light rail (some of your commentors, and some people over at Hidden City, the City Planning Commission).

But the FotRP’s plan, unveiled in much detail, includes “a grand civic entrance to the below-grade park on North Broad Street, in front of the School District Administration building, and active connections–above and below–to the campus of Community College of Philadelphia,” according to Hidden City. The elevated part of the Viaduct, which we still dream of on sunny days (and which they’re still saying will begin work to become a park in 2014, and which we’re not going to hold our breath for) meets the City branch below Broad Street at the SEPTA Spur. Those who aren’t sure how to feel about this (or are sure, and they don’t like it) can hear things from the side of the FotRP tomorrow at the The Making of a Viaduct Green lecture, which is free and you can RSVP over here.

[Image from HiddenCity, via Friends Of The Rail Park]

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  1. Henry Pyatt Says:

    That corridor is way to valuable for transit… imagine a subway line running to manayunk, roxborough, Conshe, KoP, then up the river further…

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