NBC Would Be Morons To Leave The Roots Behind When Fallon Moves, But They’ve Been Morons Before

rootsBy now, you’ve probably heard about NBC’s plan to have Jimmy Fallon take over Jay Leno‘s spot of The Tonight Show (what you probably haven’t heard about is Jay Leno’s nefarious plan to get it back). Ya know, cause it worked so well the first time. And while most people have moved on to wondering who will replace Fallon, some are wondering if The Roots will make the move with Fallon up to 11:35PM. The answer is not so clear yet, but it would be colossally stupid of NBC (something they are pretty familiar with) to leave The Roots behind.

The Roots are very much the life to Fallon’s show, participating in sketches, picking the exact right music cue when guests come out, and having Questlove play the Weinberg-esque straight man to some of Fallon’s jokes. Any regular viewer of Fallon’s show will note that when anything is different with the show, it loses some of its flair (specifically when A.D. Miles, a very funny man in his own right, fills in as sidekick for Steve Higgins), and NBC trying to neuter Conan O’Brien was one of many reasons his move to the Tonight Show never succeeded.

We figure The Roots will move to 11:35 with Fallon (you can’t mess with moments like this), but NBC has done incredibly idiotic things before, so let’s make this clear: Dear Kabletown/NBC, Keep The Roots, you morons.

[Image by Michael Regan]

  • Andrew Maguire

    Leave A.D. Miles alone