Rumblings: Runnin’ On Empty

>>> Oh, 2015, you’re gonna be so nuts: With Tom Corbett all but picking out a retirement destination at this point, does that mean Pat Toomey enters the fray for PA guv? Holy shitballs, we hope not: Look at that voting record. Dude almost make Corbett look like a reasonable human being. [PoliticsPA/Votesmart]

>>> Meanwhile, PLEASE GOD LET IT BE ALLYSON SCHWARTZ. And if we can’t have her for Guv, will somebody rent her an apartment here so she can run for Mayor (and probably immediately slay everyone else in the field right now)? [Newsworks]

>>> And finally, despite multiple sources telling us that Philly real estate developer Ori Feibush will run for City Council in 2015, he tells us, most assuredly, that he will not. Though he concedes that his business interests have often thrown him into the hyperlocal political world of City Council often lately, he tells us “I am not in any way exploring a run, and I’m not being cute here.” GREAT GAZOO OF 2015, is this man lying?

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  1. Christopher Sawyer Says:

    He’s not running for City Council, but nobody asked Ori if he was running for mayor now, did they?

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