People Would Rather Horsham Didn’t Fly Killer Robots

american murderLast week, when we heard about the planned opening of a Drone Command Center at Horsham’s Willow Grove Naval Air Station, we predicted protests and lots of them. It hasn’t taken long to organize the first of what we still think will be many public demonstrations, and the Drone-Free Horsham rally is set for April 27th

The rally will march from Wendy’s to Regal Cinemas — as will anyone who wants to pocket a Classic Double for that new future-Tom Cruise movie — to “rise up against the unsanctioned killing of thousands of innocent civilians via Reaper Drones.” You can check out more on the rally over here, or if you’re busy that day, there’ll probably be another protest right around then, because flying killer robots are terrifying.

2 Responses to “People Would Rather Horsham Didn’t Fly Killer Robots”

  1. Chuck Moore Says:

    Somebody should ask the folks in Dresden if it matters whether a human is in the cockpit of the flying killing machine or not.

  2. John Brubeck Says:

    Chuck – perhaps they think neither human pilots OR drones should be bombing recklessly in countries we are not in wars with…

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