After 28 Years On 5th Street, Philadelphia Record Exchange To Relocate North

Lo and behold: Your new Philadelphia Record Exchange.

Since June of 1985, the discerning vinyl consumer (and actually, back in the day, cassette heads, too) could wander over on 5th Street, just off South, and know for sure they could find something to geek out on at the Philadelphia Record Exchange. Pretty soon, though, the heads will have to head north: After 28 years, PREX will move to Fishtown, on Frankford Ave. near Marlborough. “It’s a bigger space than [the present PREX] and cheaper too,” said Jacy Webster (whose original partner in the business was Greg Harris; Harris went on become CEO of The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame). Look for an opening in the new spot as soon as May.

6 Responses to “After 28 Years On 5th Street, Philadelphia Record Exchange To Relocate North”

  1. bla Says:

    This makes sense for them, but god it looks like the city is conspiring to make South St. the dullest place in Philadelphia. They still got Repo, but anyone who knows anything: Repo doesn’t have shit on PRE.

  2. jbette01 Says:

    I just had someone tell me recently that ‘Fishtown isn’t an established neighborhood’. really. really. More importantly joey, you were not at the chili cookoff yesterday and thusly I cried.

  3. Baloo Says:

    Repo is a hipster joint, Record Exchange is for everything else.

  4. Chuck Says:

    Hey, bros, how come all of a sudden we’re allowed to throw around the “h” word here?

  5. Baloo Says:

    It’s not the people that shop there moreso the records that Repo chooses to stock. A ton of indie rock music.

  6. Dennis Locantore Says:

    so…after weeks of seeing the new address, are you FINALLY OPEN?

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