Our Insomniac CW Viewing Was Interrupted By Some Long-Hair Playing His Record

Hey, were you guys all up at 3:27 in the morning this morning watching The Jeremy Kyle Show on The CW? We know it’s a silly question, because of course you were. But if you weren’t, this is what you missed: In a commercial break book-ended by a clip of what was coming up next on The Jeremy Kyle Show and a generic ad for a local law firm, there was this nearly four-minute “ad” for the new Kurt Vile record.

The ad, which you can see above, consisted of Vile sitting in a chair next to a turntable as it plays “Never Run Away,” the new single off of the soon-to-be-released Wakin On A Pretty Daze. And this is how it looked if you were watching it in our living room and also if you happen to be a Canon point-and-shoot camera.

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