Well, hello, little lady. My name’s Lentil. Do you party?

In late February, when everything seemed cold and dark and destined to stay that way, a warm little bean of a puppy named Lentil appeared on Facebook. Lentil was one of two French Bulldogs born with severe cleft palates. He was just 48 hours old when he was surrendered to the French Bulldog Rescue Network and faced a battle to gain weight and grow healthy. Lentil’s daily struggles, cute though they may be, have unfolded through videos, pictures, a blog and daily updates, thanks to his recently outted “mom,” Lindsay Condefer, who also runs Chic Petique and founded the non-profit dog rescue Street Tails Animal Rescue, both found on Liberties Walk. Now five weeks old and weighing in at more than 2 lbs, Lentil is faring well, but each day is a battle. Since appearing on Facebook, Lentil has garnered a fanbase that is, well, rabid. Nearly six thousand people follow Lentil’s day-to-day fight for survival. While tube feedings every three hours are certainly a challenge, Condefer has another dillema: How to keep the well-meaning fans at bay. As she recently stated on Lentil’s blog, “My only concern at this time is that everyone is so overwhelmed by the cuteness of Lentil, that they are forgetting the severity of his condition. It breaks my heart when I have to tell people that they can’t visit or play with him.” Until that day when we can all rub our faces on his soft pink belly and nibble at those tiny little bat ears, consider helping Lentil and all the others like him by donating to the French Bulldog Rescue Network in his name.

[Photo: My Name Is Lentil]

31 Responses to “Dept. Of OMFG CUTEST THING EVARRRRR: His Name is Lentil”

  1. Daryn Jones Says:

    Love the Lentil bean!! So adorable! :)

  2. Sheri W. Brown Says:

    Precious little Lentil is so adorable and Lindsay is an angel to devote her life and heart to this little guy. We are all pulling and praying for him to grow up into a big strong dog.

  3. Debra & Ralphie Says:

    We are sending Sweet Lentil Bean virtual kisses and hugs! We’re hoping one day that we will get to meet him all grown up and healthy with his amazing foster Mom! xo

  4. Mari-Ellen Ballay Says:

    I love Lentil he is just too cute Praying for him everyday

  5. Samantha Keens Says:

    We love you lentil! Sending huge love from the UK. Please keep donating everyone xxx

  6. Ana Van Pelt Says:

    I’ve donated to Lentil TWICE now! We’ve been following his journey for a while and hope he enjoys every moment of love he’s getting. :) He always brightens our day!

  7. Love London Says:

    I love seeing Lentil and his updates,this warms ones heart to see how beautiful tender loving care can be and what a wonderful job his “Mom” has done with her dedication to Lentil’s health and recovery. Thank you Lindsay for sharing his life with us and brightening our day.

  8. Beth Catov DiMatteo Says:

    We all love the little guy, but it is far too easy to forget what Lindsay has done to give him the warm and loving home every dog deserves. Go, Lentil! We’re all looking forward to the big, handsome boy you will someday become!!

  9. Tonya Foreman Keltner Says:

    Lentil is such a sweet little guy with many challenges. The French Bulldog Rescue Network helps Lentils medical bills and many other Frenchies that are surrendered with medical problems. I am a dog lover and the French bulldogs have a special place in my heart. God bless Lentil and all of the frenchies and their foster parents!

  10. Shannon J. Brands Says:

    fostering any puppy is a full time job… esp one with a disadvantage such as Lentils. Lindsay and Lentil have a long road ahead and can use all the emotional and financial support they can get in order to ensure Lentil grows up to be a strong healthy Frenchie. Dogs with disabilities and disadvantages deserve the same loving full lives as dogs without them not to mention they make the best companions because you truly get in tune with them and there dependence creates an a deeper bond. Please consider contributing to FBRN or any rescue organization.. foster.. adopt.. donate. Together we make a difference.

  11. Tarisai Says:

    Lenny the Lentil rocks! He is so cute who could pass up donating to that face! Thank you Lindsay for an amazing job!! Grow up big and strong Lentil!

  12. Brianne Rehak Says:

    I LOVE this little bean. He is so sweet. And to Lindsay, again you are an amazing woman! Your dedication and love to this helpless little guy is inspiring!

  13. Lily Wissell Says:

    he is loved and i am certain he will always get the best care he needs now. Thank you for doing an article on this beautiful little bean.

  14. Johnetta Romanowski Simmons Says:

    I’ve been following little Lentil for weeks.It does a heart good to see a person go above and beyond for this little one.

  15. Ali Lambert Says:

    ACK! OMGEEEEE! I LOVE YOU LENTIL!! *sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but sorta did*

  16. Laura Sheppard Says:

    Lentil makes my day! He is just adorable and I can’t thank his foster mom enough for workinf so hard to raise this special furbaby. ♡

  17. Letitia Wallace Says:

    Thanks for the pawsome shoutout for!! :)

  18. Charlene Cater Says:

    This little pup along with his extraordinary Mom had me pulling out the plastic to donate to their plight. I eagerly await his posts and pictures. My suggestion is this… If you can send them a little something to show your
    LOVE!!!! We will all be better for it. Go on with your cute self Lentil….

  19. Emily Davey Says:

    I just love how cute he is there is a foundation on facebook called the mia foundation that helps special needs fur kids. good luck lentil I love you little brother best wishes XOXO

  20. Julie Henninger McGregor Says:

    Lentil’s posts make my day! I’ve been following him since the beginning, and am one of his followers that would take him home in a heartbeat! I know there’s a long line of potential adopters, but it would be such a joy to have him. I can’t say enough good things about what his foster momma is doing for him!

  21. Marti Hinkle Ritz Says:

    I have been following little Lentil for the past several days and I agree that he is the cutest thing ever! My husband and I are planning to donate to the rescue site in his name to help with his care to help him live a long and happy life.

  22. Jaimie Dent-Campbell Says:

    I’ve been following Lentil & Lindsay’s story from the beginning and I enjoy the updates that she gives every day. It reminds me that all life is precious and fragile and that we need to extend ourselves and lend a helping hand when we can. Thanks Lindsay and Lentil – your story is a wonderful example of compassion and an inspiration for me to become more involved!

  23. Laura McCloskey Says:

    Thanks Philebrity for posting this–Lindsay is a great advocate for Lentil and for FBDR.

  24. Lindsay Rommelfanger Says:

    Lentil is pawsome and I love following him on Facebook. I have shared his page with all my friends in hopes to bring awareness to his rescue group and raise funds for all the needy animals in their care.

  25. Suzy Higgins Says:

    Thanks Lindsey and FBRN for all you do for this little bean. He has stolen the heart of many. ♥

  26. Aunt Diane Says:

    There’s nothing to add to what the others have already said. Lindsay is a gem. And, Lentil, priceless. Their posts absolutely make my day. Best wishes to both.

  27. Ruth Knable Says:

    Lentil is adorable true! Lindsay thank you for all you do for Lentil, having fostered myself I understand the time and heart commitment it takes. Praying for Lentil and thanks for giving us a look into his incredibly cute world and the awesome world of fostering and the fabulous work of FBRN! You are the best!!!!

  28. Karen Lydon Says:

    We love Lentil and have followed his story!! I adore seeing the updates Linday shares with us everyday. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

  29. Jenni McKinnon Says:

    So glad we’re getting the word out about FBRN AND Lentil!!! <3

  30. Darcy Church Says:

    One of the first things I do when I get home from school is check on Lentil. I really look forward to seeing the mighty man! Lindsey you are awsome for giving so much time and dedication to his cuteness!

  31. Bobbie Beard Says:

    So wonderful that Lentil has such a conscientious foster mommy. Lindsey has such a tough job, but I’m sure for her it’s a labor of love. Sending prayers that this sweet little fellow beats the odds and grows up healthy and strong.

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