And Now, The Most Academic Article Regarding Cosby Sweaters You Will Ever Read

cosby sweater
Hippin’. Hoppin’. Bippin’. Boppin’.

For a time, they were a laughing stock. But today, they are the stuff of contemporary art, and worldwide retro fascination. We’re talking about The Cosby Sweater, of course, those fascinatingly ugly geometric garments worn by Bill Cosby back in the days of The Cosby Show (the complete episodes of which are, alone, worth the monthly price of admission to Hulu Plus.) Finally, Collectors Weekly has decided to examine our fascination with these wooly beasts, and explain their genesis once and for all:

Eventually, Cosby went to [KOOS sweater designer] Van Den Akker’s shop himself to seal the deal. “You know Betsy Ross?” asks Cosby. “She said to George Washington, ‘Let me make you a flag or sew you a flag,’ or something. Well this is how Koos’ sweaters started with me. He said, like Betsy Ross, ‘I will make you a sweater.’” Besides the eye-catching patterns, Cosby was delighted with Van Den Akker’s inventive collages of high-quality fabrics, including wool, silk, leather, and camel hair. “And in those days you also got shoulder pads, for free,” Cosby adds.

For free! Suck on that, Betsy!

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