As It Was In The Beginning, So It Shall Be In The End: Khyber To Start Hosting Live Music Once Again

khyberRegular readers of this site know: We’re Old City proud, in a time where it has not always been easy to be so. But working and living here, day to day, we see encouraging signs which indicate that, much as we theorized years ago, bit by bit, BroLibs might one day soon relieve Old City of its longstanding Douche Problem. Mad River has closed, setting the stage for a growing trend of Old City Douchebars closing down due to liquor license problems and the like, Fork is once again one of the city’s must-try restaurants, and so on. Add to the pile of Encouraging Things: The Khyber Pass — which stood as the city’s premiere indie-rock outpost all through the 1990s — will once again be hosting live bands. Only this time, it’ll be upstairs, where the club has just installed a new sound system. Sources tell us they are currently putting the finishing touches on getting it open, once again, as a live music venue. Unrest reunion show, anyone?

  • Sarah Bryson Banh


  • Sara Sherr

    Hopefully they will fix those legendarily skanky bathrooms upstairs too.

  • philebrity

    I would like to request that they DONT.

  • Tim Allen

    Unrest reunion would be awesome… but how about a Mariner 9, Stinking Lizaveta, and Bellevue show? What’s up with team Zen Guerilla anymore?