Sports Rumblings: Out Of Context

>>> We’ve been keeping our eye on designer Mark Willis’ blog as he’s been mocking up soccer jerseys for every baseball team in the MLB, and he’s finally made his way to the Phillies. The explanation for all of the design elements is over here, but if anyone wants to actually physically make those, we’re on board. [MWillis]
>>> We’re guessing Nnamdi Asomugha was pretty popular in High School. College too. So it only makes sense that the awkward, sad stage we all hit in HS is hitting him now: During last season, Nnamdi Asomugha would eat his lunch alone in his car while the rest of the team was eating together. [CBS3]
>>> And we’re not exactly “fans” of the Philadelphia Union, but we know their fans, the Sons of Ben, are known for being rabid and die-hard (even though it’s just soccer). Their fandom has caught the attention of a filmmaker from NYC, who is deep into filming a full-length documentary about the fan group who have been around longer than the team has. [Inquirer]

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  1. Erin W Says:

    Count me in for one of those shirts, especially after reading all the design choices.

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