Right Now In The People’s Republic Of Comcast: Sinking The Pirates

ussrcastYou better get on downloading all that Breaking Bad you need to catch up on pronto, before Comcast finds out: Comcast, along with other major cable providers (AT&T, Cablevision, Time Warner, Verizon) has “put into place an alerts system with ‘six strikes,’ with various degrees of penalty for subscribers accused of piracy.” Because you know the old baseball saying, six strikes and your internet connection is slowed down.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Digital Millennium Copyright Act already requires ISPs to notify users of piracy complaints made by media companies. But the new system, dubbed the Copyright Alert System, brings the major ISPs under one uniform program and for the first time involves a progressively assertive series of six alerts, starting with a letter or email about the infraction and escalating to where it may slow down a user’s Internet connection.” For each cable company’s part, they have laid out the consequences for their six-strike offenders. Time Warner will lock down your browser until you call them and agree to stop pirating. Verizon will slow down your internet speeds. And Comcast will not slow down your internet speeds, but they will “ask repeat offenders to watch an educational video,” which honestly sounds like the worst punishment. So don’y get caught guys, or you’ll have to watch a video like your inappropriately exposed yourself in the workplace, just because you didn’t wanna pay for that My Bloody Valentine record after all.

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  1. Patrick C Says:

    Sounds like a pain in the ass. Best incentive to sign up for a VPN (or Usenet) in a long time.

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