@NRA: Go Fuck Yourself

Because the fact is, Philadelphia accounts for a disproportionate share of Pennsylvania’s everything, with the notable exception of mouth-breathing, antiquated fools clinging to guns and religion like a cheap swimming float in a tsunami of modernity. (There is a more nuanced response to this here, but what’s nuance when you’re sweating hard and buying up all the ammo you can online because EHRMEGERD OBAMA IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY, right, guys?)

2 Responses to “@NRA: Go Fuck Yourself”

  1. PlaidArmour Says:

    NRA hyperbole at its best. NRA leaves out the fact that nearly half the population of Pennsylvania is in Philly & its surrounding suburbs.

  2. Chuck Says:

    If anyone was actually paying attention, it turns out that disproportionate amounts of crime in large metropolitan areas is no longer – or may soon be no longer – the case. And none if has to do with guns. From http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2013/01/lead-crime-link-gasoline:

    “Like many good theories, the gasoline lead hypothesis helps explain some
    things we might not have realized even needed explaining. For example,
    murder rates have always been higher in big cities than in towns and
    small cities. We’re so used to this that it seems unsurprising, but
    Nevin points out that it might actually have a surprising
    explanation—because big cities have lots of cars in a small area, they
    also had high densities of atmospheric lead during the postwar era. But
    as lead levels in gasoline decreased, the differences between big and
    small cities largely went away. And guess what? The difference in murder
    rates went away too. Today, homicide rates are similar in cities of all sizes. It may be that violent crime isn’t an inevitable consequence of being a big city after all.”

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