World Family Catholic Guilt Day Could Cost As Much As $13M

Yesterday, we spoke of the strange thing that is World Family Day, now slated to bring the Pope here in September of 2015. Those involved say that the massive (celebration, no, day of reflection, well, that’s not quite, maybe it’s more like an) awkward day of reckoning has the potential to be a bigger thing, in crowds/tourism/city management terms than the Republican Convention. It’s also gonna cost a ton of money:

It will be the first World Meeting of Families, also called World Family Day, in the United States. The once-every-three-years event requires gigantic preparation and fund-raising, the latter a challenge to the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

The most recent day, in Milan, Italy, cost about $13.3 million, Chaput said.

How will fund-raising proceed here?

“I’m going to stand at the door and ask everyone for a gift,” Chaput joked, bringing laughter from about 35 reporters, church leaders, and government officials.

More seriously, he said funding will be sought inside and outside Philadelphia.

Nutter said, “I know a little bit about raising money, have been known to pick up the phone.”

Chaput then said, “We’re consciously aware of the separation of church and state” – at which point Nutter playfully put his hands on the archbishop’s shoulders and said, “I wanted to leave that one to you.”

OK, well, that was mildly infuriating. In the meantime, there’s been no mention of how much this will cost the city, or, for that matter, what World Family Day even is. But don’t worry. There will be. Oh, how there will be.

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  1. friendlynerd Says:

    I’d hate to be anywhere near a mediocre downtown chain restaurant that day.

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