Philly UFO Group Awaits Mothership This Saturday — Oh No, Wait, That’s Just VH-1

Has your Flugscheibe got you down? Are greys and reptoids cramping your style and driving you to distraction? Well, in that case, you might already know about The Philadelphia UFO Meetup Group Monthly Meetup, which offers you valuable help in sorting out your cosmic junk and pondering, with like-minded friends, the meaning of it all:

Interested in UFO’s? Abductee? Contactee? Participate in discussion of UFO’s, sightings, Sitchen, cover-ups, Flugscheibe, Greys, Reptoids, alien intervention, genetic invervention.

Now, don’t think we’re taking the piss. Alien/UFO/Paranormal Investigator Chris Augustin lays out a pretty acceptable rap in the opening lines of his website — — which goes along the lines of something we’ve always believed: That it’s just plain arrogant and silly to believe that we’re the only sentient beings in this whole goofy galaxy. But when The Philly UFO Meetup gathers this Saturday at Underground Arts, they will not be greeted by intelligent life forms from this planet or any other; rather, they will be greeted by a film crew from VH-1, who will try to cram the study and passions of the whole gang into one of their little freakshows. Then again, what does VH-1 know of Planet Philadelphia?

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