Here Is Who Is Possibly Running For Governor In 2014, Or: Tom Knox Go Away

knoxReally, we were about 100% ready to throw our vote for the 2014 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race behind “Anyone but Corbett,” but Tom Knox is making that a little hard:’s PhillyClout has reported on some of the potential candidates to be Pennsylvania’s next not-Corbett governor, and the list is … well … this:

>>> State Sen. Mike Stack has already been handing out buttons that say Stack 2014
>>> U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz and state Treasurer Rob McCord are also considered Democratic front-runners
>>> Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor is thinking about challenging Tommy Boy in the primary, to really emphasize how much people do not like him
>>> And of course, because if he’s got the money we’ve got the time, Tom Knox “put out a news release Monday morning touting his hiring of Frank Keel” (we just dry-heaved twice), and has “serious intent to mount another campaign for political office.”

You may remember Knox from his unsuccessful attempts at Governor and Mayor in 2010 and 2007, respectively. Or, more fittingly, even though he dropped millions and millions of his own money on said campaigns, you probably don’t even remember him, and that’s how this is likely going to end up.

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  1. Shawn Kilroy Says:

    Tom Knox is so amazingly corpselike in person.

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