Carroll High School Students Adopt ’70s Black Power Symbol In Effort To Keep School Open Long Enough To Learn What Exactly That Is


On the heels of Superitendent Hite’s new proposal to close Carroll High School and fold it into a new building, Carroll students have reacted with typical (and, in its way, cute and maybe even heartening) high school levels of drama in an effort to keep their school open: They’ve joined in with a local group called Youth United For Change (not to be confused with the hundreds of hardcore bands over the years bearing the same or similar moniker), adopted the raised fist once employed by the Black Power movement, and this Thursday morning, students, parents and community members will gather this to make a human chain around the school to tell the School District: “Keep Our School Open!”

Over the top? A little. Heartfelt? For sure. Their argument is simple — “If the District is planning to open a new school, why not just keep Carroll-a thriving, safe, functioning school-open?” — but goshdarnit if their campaign isn’t afterschool-special cute. It’s not war, guys; it’s just high school. Aw, you know what? Have fun with this.

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