Rumblings: If You Wanted To Win, You Should Have Gone To The YOscars

>>> Oh look, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was finally involved with something that won something: Inocente, executive produced by Lurie and his Screen Pass Pictures company, took home an Oscar last night for best documentary short. [Eagles]

>>> Meanwhile, the Llanerch Diner was packed with hoagiemouths rooting for Silver Linings Playbook and Bro’dley Cooper, only to see the film and Cooper rebuffed in Best Picture and Best Actor while, of course, Jennifer Lawrence took home Best Actress and Cooper took home… his mom. (Which frankly is fine because a world where Shouty McShouterson beats out someone like Daniel Day-Lewis is a world I’m not sure is worth living in.) [ActionNews]

>>> And finally, thank you, Grey Poupon. You were the only thing that made any of that bearable last night. [GreyPoupon]

2 Responses to “Rumblings: If You Wanted To Win, You Should Have Gone To The YOscars”

  1. PlaidArmour Says:

    Jeff Lurie won two years ago for Inside Job.

  2. Michael McGettigan Says:

    What/who is a ? Is that someone we don’t like? Does it mean someone who mispronounces their words? Or was born in Philly and never left? Or what…? It sounds bad, and like something I would hate to be, or to be called, or worst of all– to find out that I was through some sort of test you can buy at CVS. Please clarify.

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